Mesa Southwest Museum

Mesa Southwest Museum
Photo by David Robertson

The Mesa Southwest Museum, 53 N. Macdonald, is Arizona's premier museum of cultural and natural history, exploring the Southwest's history from the time before the dinosaurs to the present day. See the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the state, visit a Spanish mission, search for the Dutchman's lost treasure, pan for gold in the History Courtyard, and more.

Crocodiles Rock the Museum starting October 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005. This highly interactive exhibit interprets the earth's story during the Paleocene Epoch. The display is based on fossil discoveries from a site in western North Dakota called Wannagan Creek where the SMM's paleontology department has been excavating and studying fossils for more than two decades.
As visitors walk through the exhibit they will explore life-size dioramas depicting what North Dakota looked like 60 million years ago. Instead of dry, open ranch land, it is believed the area was a subtropical swamp filled with crocodiles.

"Fabric Of Jazz" Opens Nov. 12, 2005. Music is art and art is music, at least that is the common thread of a new exhibit at the Mesa Southwest Museum. Award-winning Santa Fe, NM artist Lauren Camp immortalizes jazz greats including Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and others in her quilted art works.

Previous Exhibits:

Southwest Museum Majestic Whales

"Whales: The Inside Story" (May - August 2005) is an exhibit of whale skeletons, including a Grey Whale, a Killer Whale, and a dolphin, as well as other marine mammal skulls and skeletons. Visitors will learn about the whale's relationship to terrestrial mammals, and how the whale's skeleton illuminates their supreme adaptation to the marine environment.

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